A Poem to My Daughter

I was nervous before your arrival.

The frustrations and fears I was carrying as I carried you–

could that tension pass onto you?

You didn’t give me time to think–

sudden pain, a few pushes, and then


Your sweet cry, little fingers and toes,

I loved you before I knew you.

With each month that passed, reassurance came.

While craziness circled around us,

you exuded peace and calmed my soul.

Each night we rock, each night I feel your little hand on my side.

You have grown, filling my lap and my heart.

As I count my blessings, I remember your smile,

a smile that has filled my chest with warmth and peace

when I have felt undeserving.

You, who I didn’t know,

completed the picture.

Each day I drink of the joy on your face,

and I find the desire to begin again,

the desire to face the day anew, washed clean of yesterday,

determined to hug a little more and frown a little less.

The lessons from a baby well-received

as you trust me, relax in my presence, giving

your Smile, God’s grace to His daughter,

a mother, humbled by His wonderful gift.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Chloe.  You are my treasure!

6 thoughts on “A Poem to My Daughter

  1. My dearest Jenjen,
    How beautiful and precious the words that flow from your heart. You have a talent from God. And, Chloe is the sweetest baby; the epitome of joy.
    Of course, Caleb and Hannah are precious, too, and I'd love to read your poems to them for their next birthdays. I love you and hope your day is filled with many little blessings . xxx000, Mom


    1. Thanks, Mom, my biggest fan! 😉 Yes, I guess I need to write some more poems for the other two–I actually started to write another post, and then the poem just took shape!


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