When the Laundry’s Finished

Yesterday as I was rushing to throw in one more load of laundry before I had to get the kids from preschool, a sudden thought came to me: “Did I do chores before I had kids?”  I’m sure I did, but I honestly couldn’t recollect a consistent rushing around to get tasks done in the house.

I don’t remember doing laundry.  I know I did it because I wore clothes every day, but I don’t remember laundry holding a steady place in my week.  My guess is that laundry was reserved for the weekend.  Matt and I probably had a hamper that started to overflow, so we’d throw in a few loads when we were running low on underwear or socks.  When I was in the Air Force, we dry-cleaned most of our clothes, so remembering to take and pick up my uniforms from the cleaners was my most important laundry responsibility.

I do remember that I loved hosting Bible studies in our home because they forced me to keep the house clean.  Once a week, I would give the house a good once-over–vacuuming, dusting, mopping, scrubbing–and the house stayed relatively clean until the day had come to start over again.

While I was placing diapers on the rack to dry yesterday, I smirked remembering how casual and disorganized my life really was back then.  I was always tired as a new teacher, yet once I came home from work, I really didn’t do much in the house besides make dinner.  How life had changed!

Now, I feel like all I do is laundry and clean, yet the house is never clean, and I’m always behind on laundry.  As before, I don’t mop the floor that often but for a very different reason: Now, I get disillusioned when I scrub the kitchen floor only for one of my children to spill milk, drop peanut butter and jelly, turn over the dog bowls, etc., less than 24 hours after I finish the job.  It’s more time-efficient to spot clean.

I sighed thinking how wonderful life would be again one day to have only two people’s clothes to throw in the wash.

It would be quiet…

…and I’m not sure I like the quiet.

After all, if it’s quiet, and I’m only doing laundry for two, then I’m not looking at these adorable monkeys every day.

And I want to keep these monkeys around for as long as I can.

6 thoughts on “When the Laundry’s Finished

    1. Instead of spot cleaning all the time, wait until the spots all run together and just do it one time. Depending how quick or slow the kids keep dropping or spilling things on the floor, you may only have to clean once a month. Ha Ha!
      your logical thinking Dad


  1. Yea, I'd take my goobers over less laundry any day!

    Sometimes it feels almost like there wasn't even an existence before I had kids. Like you, I can't remember cooking for two or allowing the grocery shopping to be a leisurely experience. Quiet is overrated – I reserve the right to change my answer mid tantrum though…


  2. Laundry is my number one nemesis. I have been known to play laundry roulette because I am too tired to make sure there are clean clothes for everyone the night before! Sigh, where's my super special magical laundry fairy when I need her, right??


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