10 Signs That You Are Sleep-Deprived

10.  When the doctor tells you that your son’s fever should be better in three or four days, you ask him for the exact day–any math is too complicated.

9. When the dosage for your son’s medicine does not automatically correspond to one of the lines on the medicine cup, you wait for your husband to get home to measure it.

8. You have resorted to asking your three-year-old to remind you to give him his medicine.

7. You have yet to call any of your children by his or her correct name all day.

6. On your rare date night out with your husband, you hesitate to pick a movie with a start time later than 8:00 for fear of falling asleep after the previews.

5. You’ve gone upstairs three times but have yet to come down with the item for which you made the trip.

4. Your husband handed you a coupon and less than one minute later you have no recollection of this incident taking place.

3. When your baby wakes up in the middle of the night crying, you find that you’re crying harder than she.

2.  After your baby goes back to sleep you’re still crying.

1.  You tried to watch the Disney classic Snow White with your children without falling asleep, but the movie is just too long–and you’re under the age of 70.

8 thoughts on “10 Signs That You Are Sleep-Deprived

  1. I love reading your posts. Your writing is terrific, and it's great to know that others struggle with parenthood as well. Hope you guys are doing great! Susan (Pate) Little


  2. What a GREAT post, Jennifer! I totally hear ya on all these! Number 5 happens to me all the time and my 2 year old still wakes up sometimes – okay, almost all the time – and I cry inside every time! I just want ONE night where I get more than 3 hours of sleep in a row, you know? And number 9 – HILARIOUS, and me too! Love it!!!


    1. Thanks, Loukia, and, yes, I'd love to get more than 3 hours of sleep in a row, too! My 2 year old has become horrible. I would love for the baby to sleep through the night, but I really hadn't planned on the 2 year to start waking up, too! This, too, shall pass!


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