From Their Lips to My Short-term Memory

You may remember that a few months ago I wrote a post called “Forget the Baby Book” as a way to record and remember all of the precious gems that leave the mouths of my kids.  If you did remember, I am impressed.  I can’t remember my own kids’ names much less what you posted to your blog a few months ago.

You think I’m exaggerating?  Two weeks after Chloe was born someone at church asked me her name, and I couldn’t remember. I stumbled around, remembered that Elizabeth was her middle name, but was in a panic that her first name had escaped me.  I stalled by making a joke until I could remember her first name is Chloe.  I blame this lapse in memory on the fact that she was almost a full day old before we named her.  Also, I have discovered that with each baby I have pushed out I have also pushed out precious brain cells.

I digress.  I sat down at the computer today to add more delightful quotations to my on-going post called “Forget the Baby Book.”  I smiled to myself throughout the last few weeks as I would purposely concentrate on the sentences they had uttered so that I would not forget when I got the chance to sit at my computer and type.  So tonight was the big night.  I had a catalog in my mind of what I was going to type and the order, and, you guessed it–I sat down to type, and my mind went blank.  I never even smoked marijuana once, and I can’t remember a darn thing.

After a few minutes, some of the kids’ cuteness did come back to me, and I typed away furiously before those memories escaped me forever.  You can read their quotable lines here.  I’m sure when I’m in bed at three A.M. I’ll remember the rest.

One thought on “From Their Lips to My Short-term Memory

  1. They are so precious. Real confidence builders, too. When I
    presented Caleb and Hannah Grace with my homemade version of
    Hamburger Helper, HG looked and said, “Yuck.” Caleb wouldn’t
    try it. So, guess who had 1 adult portion and 2 baby bear portions?
    Did you remember any more tidbits at 3AM? love you, Mom


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