Quality of Life

Typically, I write blog posts about my crazy kids or my struggles.  My hope for my blog is that I can unleash my tension through writing and also help other women in the process.  When God teaches me something important, I want to pass on the information so you can see how good He is. When my kids make me feel like I want to jump out a window, I need to focus my frustration somewhere other than on them (although they do get a dose of my frustration, too!) In the moment, I tend to feel that I am the only one who has a kid who would purposely pee on his Grammy, but surely there are others, right?  Umm…maybe not.  I digress.

I wanted to do something different with a series I’m calling “Quality of Life.”  Believe it or not, there are some things I am doing right or at least some efforts for which I am proud.  My hope is to become a better person every day of my life, and there are some deliberate choices I am making in the quest for achieving this goal.

Every week for a few weeks, I plan to write one blog post focused on a typical area where I am trying to improve.  The point of these blogs is not to pat myself on the back or sound preachy but rather to give us an interactive forum.  I want to hear back from you!  What are you doing in this area to make your life better?  If we can glean one tip from each blog or the comments that follow, my hope is that we will all become a little happier and healthier as a result.

What do you say?  Are you in?

Quality of Life 1: Calling All Tree-Huggers!

Quality of Life 2: In Need of Lighter Fluid

Quality of Life 3: Pick Up the Phone

2 thoughts on “Quality of Life

  1. Hey Jennifer,

    Thanks for posting on our One Hope blog…i like your idea for the blog series. Here is what you asked me to comment with concerning our environmentally friendly small groups at our church.

    Environmentally Friendly Small Groups:

    We ask all of our small groups to use reusable plates, cups, and silverware at our weekly meetings. By doing so, we greatly reduce the amount of waste that would be produced by using disposable products, and we spend less money. Let’s be green in both ways…financially and environmentally. One Hope as a whole will help to purchase the reusable plates, cups, and silverware as needed for any small group. At any small group or other meeting/event where it is necessary to use disposable products, we encourage the use of products made from recycled materials and to recycle/reuse anything that can be.

    We also encourage you to walk, bike, and carpool to small group and house fellowship when it is reasonable to do so.



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