You Know Your Life is Overtaken by Small Children When…

10.  You had to clean the downstairs bathroom 3 times in less than 24 hours in preparation for company.

9.  Your king-sized bed is too small as a result of uninvited munchkins appearing in the middle of the night (and sleeping in the unconventional position of sideways across the top of your pillow)

8. You have to wash your sheets again this morning even though you washed them yesterday because one of the uninvited munchkins had a leaky Pull-Up.

7.  You turn your beloved office into a playroom.

6.  ‘Stupid’ and ‘butt’ suddenly sound so offensive.

5.  You pack three baggies of exactly the same snack to avoid arguments when packing one to share would be so much easier.

4.  Leaving the house with unbrushed hair is perfectly acceptable.

3.  Your front door is covered with extra door locks not meant to keep hardened criminals out but your kids in.

2.  You’ve never been a drinker, but you find yourself, on more than one occasion, having strange cravings for vodka.

1. Your ob/gyn asks if your husband and you have thought about what birth control you plan on using, and you reply, “Abstinence.”

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