Reasons You Might Go Completely Gray Before Age 35–Part 2

10. You single-handedly have paid for your doctor’s BMW.

9. Your daughter’s cry is indistinguishable from a fire engine’s siren.

8. Your nephew gets a bloody nose on your watch because you didn’t differentiate between the softball and the golfball your son was pitching.

7. Your daughter gets run over by a Power Wheel containing the aforementioned son and nephew.

6. Part of your morning routine is cleaning banana out of your daughter’s ear.

5. Your two oldest children haven’t taken a nap in eight days.

4. Your baby hasn’t slept more than fours hours straight at night in eight days.

3. Upon your noticing pencil markings all over the wall, your son blames his aunt saying she allowed your nephew to do it.

2. You caught your son peeing on the wall but didn’t catch your daughter when she peed in front of the baby gate in her room (apparently, she called for you, but you thought she was a fire engine siren).

1. You have to change your baby’s wet crib sheets–but she didn’t wet them.

4 thoughts on “Reasons You Might Go Completely Gray Before Age 35–Part 2

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