Dear Children…

My Dear Caleb and Hannah Grace,

I am in need of therapy, or possibly you are in need of therapy, but either way, we cannot afford a good therapist right now.  Therefore, as you are not taking your naps as I’d asked, even after telling you a good surprise awaits, while HG has smeared diaper cream all over her bottom and legs, while C has broken the second picture frame in two days, while you both somehow have gotten HG’s curtain rod and, subsequently, curtains off the wall, I have come downstairs to quickly write out my feelings.

I do not want to yell at you.  I love you both, and when you come home from preschool, I want us to have happy times.  I want to hear what you have learned.  I do not want to reprimand you for screaming, refusing to get in your car seat, being mean to each other, etc.  And I especially don’t want to get frustrated during the time that is supposed to be my time (even though my time really just means the ability to scrub the kitchen floor without interruption). I no longer want to feel frustrated, so I won’t.

Okay, I hear you calling that you need to go to the potty, and I do feel better.  Amazing, isn’t it?  I’m now going to go upstairs, we’ll clean up together, and we’ll try to salvage the rest of our day.



2 thoughts on “Dear Children…

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